A complete guide of clipping path

Everything You Should Know About Clipping Path

Clipping path is the most popular and widely used techniques in photo editing industry. It is the root of photo editing service specially in product photo editing. This technique is used for some top rated image editing service like image background removal, shadow effect, ghost mannequin effect and more. In this post we will cover ins and outs about clipping path in Photoshop. Lets start our journey to know everything about Photoshop clipping path. What is clipping path? Clipping path is a [...]

how to create transparent background in photoshop

How to Create Transparent Background in Photoshop

  Do you need a transparent background for your photos? Creating a transparent background is a very good choice to use photographs in your best preferences. For example, your website logo, it must need a transparency background. It magnifies the opportunity to fix your website background color. If you need to change your background color, transparent background photos can solve it. You can add any background later in these photos. For product photography, it intensifies your options making your product more charming. You [...]

what is photo editing

What Is Photo Editing? The Complete Guide about photo editing

The most important terms after capturing any photoshoot are its better visualization. Photo Editing is the only way to do the job. Every photographer knows very well the importance of image post-processing. Even more, high skilled photographers with the best camera captured photos also need photo editing. As, better visualization helps more engagement, better conversion. From online stores to professional photography business success rate depends largely on visualization. Because customers see product photos at first. After convincing the first step [...]

why image editing is necessary for ecommerce stores

Why image editing is necessary for E-Commerce web?

Images show thousand words. That’s why e-commerce sites or online stores all over the world uses product pictures, instead of thousand words. Whether you sell single product or large inventory of various products, you can not ignore using images. To make your customer Buy, you need more than just normal product photograph. After E-commerce Product Photography, Photo Editing is a crucial part of every online store. And most e-commerce sites handle a large number of images, which takes huge [...]


How to remove the background from an image?

There is not one way to remove the background from an image. It all depends on what the subject of the image is and how advanced the photo editor’s skills are. At orbit, we mostly use clipping path services to achieve image background removal, but if needed we also use advanced Photoshop masking, such as when the image has hair or fur. Clipping path background removal: Hand-drawn clipping paths will achieve the best result with professional-looking lines that will enhance the [...]

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