A complete guide of clipping path
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Everything You Should Know About Clipping Path

Clipping path is the most popular and widely used techniques in photo editing industry. It is the root of photo editing service specially in product photo editing. This technique is used for some top rated image editing service like image background removal, shadow effect, ghost mannequin effect and more. In this post we will cover ins and outs about clipping path in Photoshop.
Lets start our journey to know everything about Photoshop clipping path.

What is clipping path?

What Is Clipping Path

Clipping path is a closed vector path or shape that outlines an object. It is like tracing around edges of an object. This technique is also commonly known as image clipping, photo clipping, and photo cut out, deep etching. Generally, it is used for cut out objects from its background or other objects related in same image. Two major reasons of using clipping path techniques are cutting out object and wrapping text around it.

Why clipping path is necessary for image background removal purpose?

Image background removal is much necessary for professional photographers and online retailers. Sometimes unwanted elements can be added in main objects during photography. For removing and adding any elements, background removal service is must. In ecommerce business, shoppers like to see white background image. Moreover, if you want to use third-party sites like Amazon, ebay, you must upload product photos in white background.

If you need transparent background image, clipping path techniques must be your top choice for great result. You may remove background with various tools in photoshop like magic wand tool, background eraser tool, lesso tools and pen tools. But for accurate edited image using pen tool is the right solution. That’s why; clipping path is needed for image background removal purpose.

What is the difference between clipping path and image masking?

Both clipping path and image masking are used for background removal purpose. But, their applying techniques are different. Clipping path techniques works great for hard edge images like mobile, watch, jewelry and objects like this. And, image masking techniques works well for soft edge image like human hair, fur on animal and objects like this.

As, clipping techniques don’t work well for these portions. Sometimes, editor’s use both techniques in same image like model photography. For body portions, we apply clipping technique and for hair portions, we apply photoshop image masking technique.

Different types of clipping path techniques:

Previously, we told clipping path is a vector path used for creating outline around the objects. After that, we may use it in multipurpose like white background, transparent background, place it in a complete new background, color change, mannequin remove or others. Depending on image complexity and time requires, photoshop experts divide this techniques in multi types.

1. Basic: Very easy to complete it. Requires a small time. No hole, very straightforward. Needs only few anchor points.
2. Simple: It requires little bit of more time than basic path. But, still it requires few minutes only.
3. Complex: It is hard. Lot of anchor points needs to do this. It requires more than 45mintues.
4. Super Complex: it is more complex work. Extra time is needed to do this perfectly.
5. Multiple paths: For separating each individual portion in a object, we apply this method. Basically, for color correction, adding or removing any elements from objects, photographers need this service.
6. Medium path:

When to use clipping path service:

Using of clipping path services

  • White background image
  • Remove background from images
  • Text wrapping
  • Color Correction, Re-color
  • Add or remove individual objects from group photos.
  • Transparent background creations
  • Vector Conversion


How to create clipping path in Photoshop:

You may use any version in photoshop for creating path. Almost every version is same. Here is step by step guide for creating vector path.
1St step: Open images that needs to creating path in photoshop.
2nd step: Unlock the image layer. Create duplicate layer. Also, create a path layer. You may find this in right side of photoshop software.
3rd step: from tools panel in left side select pen tool. In windows, just type “P’ on your keyboard. Pen tool will be selected.
4th Step: Start creating path around the object. Two things you must need before starting.
1. Zoom your image. Depending on your capacity, you may zoom it. But, it is always advisable zoom 200%-300% for great result.
2. Select your anchor point’s 1 pixel inner in object. Taking more or less may destroy your works.

Hand Drawn Vs Automate Clipping path:

Yes, it is very easy to misguided while using clipping path service. Which one should I take hand drawn vector path or automate vector path. Automate vector path enables you making your path automated. Just upload your images and select path. The tools will automatically drawing a vector path for your image and finally you will get a transperant background photos.

Undoubtedly, it can save your time and money. As, manual clipping service is labor intensive work. But, the problem is its accuracy. No software can deliver 100% accuracy. And, it is the most important for your image. Because, you won’t be able to use this image in future.
So, it is always advisable to use hand drawn clipping path service. You should always focus on quality not quantity.

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