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Do you need a high-quality clipping path service for your business? Are you want to increase your sales and generate more profit from your shop? The only solution high-quality edited product image display. And, there is no alternate of accurate clipping path on the product image. When it comes to perfect clipping path service, a lot of skill, more attention is needed for creating a lifelike image that draws the shopper’s attention at a first glance. We know the role of images on your business and guaranteed to satisfy you with an accurate clipping path.

Orbit Graphics is a well-reputed clipping path company offering all kinds of image editing services. With more than 15 years of experience, we have worked with many fashions, products, print media, photography agencies. More than 100 Photoshop experts employee works all day helping our royal partners. Our team can deliver 2000 images in a single day. Before placing an order, we suggest hitting the free trial button to see our service- quality.

OGL CLipping path services

Our Clipping Path Service Process

Haven’t worked with us before? This infographics presentation will help you understand our bulk product photo editing service process.

Image Editing Service Working Process by Orbit Graphics

Clipping path

What Is Photo Clipping Path?

Clipping Path to cut out with great manifest, nicety, clear, and exactness to replace the background in an image with a new and wonderful background of your choice. This also allows us to replace backgrounds in photos that are damaged, old, and scratched with a Clean and good Background or insert a uniform background for your catalog of products. Advance Clipping Path has extreme straight and curved edges with extreme embedded transparency gaps. Extreme images like human hair and a group of objects take 30 minutes or more to finish.

Why Photographs Demands Clipping Path Service?

Clipping path services

Our Clipping Path Service Categories

Basic Clipping path

Basic clipping path service for product photographers

Very easy to complete. It takes only a few minutes. Products without holes and simple are in these categories. Only a few anchor points are needed to complete this. Round, Rectangular, Curved shaped image without holes are applied basic clipping path. For example Ball, Mobile, Pen, Wallet, etc.

Simple Clipping path

Simple clipping path service for professional photographers

Simple clipping path service is required more time than basic clipping path. But, still takes not much time. basically, it needs more anchor points and curves for completing this. Products some holes and without holes are in these categories. for example t-shirts, rings, watch, shoes, etc.

Compound Clipping path

compound clipping path service for photographers
Images less than 15min requires to complete are in compound clipping path service. Photographs have few curves, holes, and rounds with a little bit of complexity are in these categories. Greater anchor points need to do this perfectly. For example ; Bracelets, Models

Complex Clipping path

complex clipping path

Complex clipping path service is applied to the complex shapes, designs, or group images. These types of images have a lot of holes and closed paths. It is difficult and a lot of anchor points need to complete. For example; Bracelets, Jewelry, group images.

Super Complex Clipping path

extra super complex clipping path service
Extra super complex clipping path is very difficult to complete. It may take more than 1hr to complete the path in a single image. a lot of holes, rounds, and curves prevail in these types of images. Patience, dignity, hard labor, and high skill are mandatory for super clipping path service.

Multiple Clipping path

multiple clipping path service
Multiple clipping path services is one of the top-rated services of orbit graphics. It enables us to separate each component from group images. For color-correction, changing any portion from the image or something else photographers need this service. Specially eCommerce retailers are top buyers for this service.

Why Orbit Graphics For Photoshop Clipping Path Service?

High quality photo editing service


We offer best quality work. Because we care about your reputation and your brand. Our business build upon quaity on work.

Timely delivery image editing service


We know the value of your time. For on-time delivery. Our experienced and skilled graphic designers work with full dedication.

Low cost photo editing service


We offer best reasonable prices with best quality work. We offer amazing discount offer for a large volume of images.

Discount for Bulk Clipping Path Service

Discount on photo editing service

15% off

Discount for all clipping path service.

Daily 200-500 images.

30% discount on bulk photo editing

30% off

Discount for all clipping path service.

Daily 501-2000 images.

image editing discount

40% off

Discount for all clipping path service.

Daily 2001-5000 images.

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