Photo Blending Service

A detailed image can show every single pixel. But, the photos lack of details can’t do so. Again, your image quality can suffer badly for many exposures, tones, temperatures, shadows, gray & white balance. Many of your images may lack of details for over and under exposures. Too white images lose the details and also black images lose desired details. Black images on white background or vice-versa often perform well. Both, the images cannot serve purposes properly. You may take a lot of images, but neither is perfect, nor fully lost. You here can get the best one by our photo blending service in Photoshop. We provide this service taking the best parts from every photo and blend by various photoshop tools like automate blending, focus tacking, masking, etc. We also apply photo retouching techniques to get more vivid & clear photos. Thus we can bring the details in every photo for you.

HDR Photo Blending (Exposure Blending):

An image which has all the details looks beautiful & gorgeous. But, the details may get lost due to various exposures, tones & temperatures, shades, etc. Designers can retain the details by applying HDR Photo Blending in Photoshop. We provide this exposure blending service combining the best exposure from several photos. This photo editing service receives high end retouching for producing best output.

Focus Stacking (Focus Blending):

In macro photography, often it is not possible to focus all portions of the subjects. So, photographers shoot several times on different parts and we blend these parts using Photoshop and create a full focused professional photo. It also requires exposure correction & retouching in Lightroom also. Ecommerce product photo demands this service mostly. We provide focus stacking service at reasonable prices.

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