Photoshop Image Masking Service

Photoshop image masking service is another great photo editing service especially useful for advanced image background removal purposes. It is an awesome Photoshop image editing technique. Generally, Photoshop masking is used for isolating foreground objects from its background. Normally, editors apply clipping path techniques for removing background from an image.


But, if photographs contain more detailed objects like the hair of the model, the fur of an animal, or something like this, clipping path techniques doesn’t work well. For changing its background editors use multi-tools from Photoshop and bring out each detail of photographs perfectly from its background.


Another way, Orbit Graphics use pen tablet (Wacom) for changing the background of these types of image. It simplifies the whole editing process. We can easily blend the hard areas and soft areas of the image. Our Photoshop experts have a huge experience in using it. We can blend the areas of image 100% accurately. Surely, you can test us by sending 2 images through our free trial option.

Image masking services

Our Image Masking Service Categories

Layer masking

Layer Masking:

Layer mask is used to hide some portion or reveal some portion of the image changing the opacity of pictures of the specific part. The main advantage of using layer mask is without permanent change of image, you can invisible or partially noticeable dark shades of images. Masks are applied directly on layers

Hair Masking

Hair Masking:

Another great image masking service, use for separating hair & fur from background for soft edge, etc. If you want to make your objects more natural, we will also fix color, brightness, contrast, exposure correction, etc. Clipping path is not effective for soft edge portions like hair, furry animals, etc.

Transparent masking

Transparent Masking:

Transparent image masking service is applied to the objects having 0%-5% opacity. Light can easily pass through it.  For seeing background through objects, or making color visible or transparency, photoshop experts use these masking techniques. For example, glass, E-commerce car glass, glass bottle, water, etc.

alpha Channel masking

Alpha channel Masking:

Different from layer masking. If you need to edit image brightness, contrast, and exposure with background change, alpha channel masking is right for your photographs. Moreover, your image quality will be unchanged. If you seem difficult to do, we are ready to help you.

Refine masking

Refine Masking:

For making edges more soft, perfect and natural photoshop experts combines layer mask and refine radious tools. It makes Human hair, fur, blanket, furry doll, fabrics, animal’s loom, and trees more natural. Orbit Graphics offers cost-effective any kind of image masking service.

Translucent masking

Translucent Masking:

Translucent image masking is applied on 5 to 100 percent opacity image objects. Light can pass through the objects and pictures are ambiguous to identify. For example Sunglasses, frosted glass & paper, plastic bottles, fabrics like muslin, bridal veil, etc.

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The technique used in Photoshop image masking

Photoshop image masking service may be a technique that helps separate or rewrite image subjects, whereas not damaging one part. Entirely issues with sophisticated and soft edges wish masking methods to induce the right piece of writing or the retouching.

 Photoshop Layer Masking

Photoshop Layer masking uses widely amongst trendy image editing firms. This methodology will use for many standard functions. This method is employed heaps to eligible form a picture for business, fashion, or personal uses. Through this service, subjects’ opacity will maintain and alter in keeping with the background.

Alpha Channel Masking 

The combination of clipping and mask work within the alpha masking. This methodology is helpful once images contain mostly backgrounds with one color. In this variety of masking, subjects of photos get separation through background removal.

The separated subject area unit is called the alpha channel. Alpha channels area unit saved with white pixel so that they will be emended anytime for any use. They’re capable of being uploaded, downloaded, or emended with ease.

Object Masking 

Usually, for changing the background of photos, we use this. With this system’s assistance, we remove unwanted objects from original images. In the vast wild live picture or alternative kinds of photoshoots, each click cannot be right. Moreover, the image can’t be visible all the time. But, images will gain perfection through the erase of supererogatory objects and backgrounds.

Refine Edges Image Masking 

By refine edge masking, a subject of a picture can get soft edges. This method makes the image natural and precise. The prime vision of doing such a process is to create catchy photographs and deliver the reason.

Transparent Object Masking 

When the background is visible through the image, there needs the method of transparent or translucent masking. To change the background in such cases, editors make sure light can easily pass through the subjects—for example, clear water glass, skinny cloth, specs, etc.

Useful tools for Photoshop masking

  1. Pen tool:

Masking an image with a pen tool does not provide a satisfactory result. To creating a good mask in Photoshop, the pen tool can assist with other tools.

Because you have to mask on the soft edge’s object. Such as hair, fur, etc. Pen tool accepts the hard and contrast edge. So when clipping path hair. You can remove the background very roughly, not smoothly. It will look hard enough and non-realistic.

  1. Background Eraser tool:

The background eraser tool is the primary and useful tool for image masking in Photoshop. Using the eraser tool, you will get a smooth and soft edge of hair or fur. For removing the background from a picture, the first attempt should go with the background eraser tool.

Undoubtedly, the Background eraser tool is one of the most effective tools in Photoshop for removing objective areas of a subject. However, there is some serious lower side. It physically deletes pixels from the image. While applying that technic, the pixel will delete permanently. For protecting the original picture, it’s a decent plan to duplicate your background.

  1. Brush tool:

A brush tool is a potent tool for masking service in Photoshop. This tool work with a combination of the pen tool. Because the pen tool uses to select challenging and super contrast images. Another side, you can create the very soft edge of a shot through the brush tool. Brush tools can make hair realistic way. For some photos, you cannot see the edge correctly. In that case, the brush tool will provide you the advanced techniques to generate an image edge realistically.

  1. Selection tool:

Another tool for masking is the selection tool, where you can use different selection tools like the magic wand tools, quick selection tools. It is not an advanced method also, but you can create masking poorly with it.

Why Photo Masking Need to Background Removal

Image masking has many uses for soft edges of a picture like hirsute garments, human hair, a pet with long fur, etc. For replacing an image with another background, the masking technique is applied together wherever necessary with the clipping path technique. Let’s see an example of Photoshop masking techniques that build your redaction expertise easier & marvelous.

For arduous edges, editors use the clipping path technique. But, in cases of furry or soft edge, we use photo masking techniques. Within the scenario, wherever it’s unfeasible to grab a lot of correct details of sentimental edges with the clipping path technique alone, masking methodology is termed upon to isolate the background.

It helps to determine the layer visibility. It’s harsh to grasp the particular that means of masking for standard individuals outside the graphic style region. The only definition of masking is to use one thing to a selected space to cover or reveal one thing.

Image masking ensures economical background removal to form your icon eye-catchy. Such as the retouching of a model’s spots, blemishes, wrinkles, etc. The ultimate aim of masking is to create the icon spirited & pop so that a transparent, solid background is essential.

Photoshop image masking services are the best convenient & economic thanks to separate the image into layers. This method helps you to spotlight the topic & enhance the sweetness of your image. The best issue concerning image masking is it’s applicable for any quite complicated background removal while not harming the image quality. All kinds of image masking are necessary for photo redaction.

Benefits of Photo Masking Service at Orbit Graphics

Undoubtedly, for removing the background of fuzzy hair or fur edges, an advanced photo masking service technique is the most effective way. It is an essential photo editing service for online shop owners, photographers, art directors, and more. You can easily outsource photo masking from any service providers, but at orbit graphics, we can benefit you in such below ways:

  1. Remove unwanted objects without losing original image details.
  2. Add your desired background or leave it a transparent background.
  3. After complete editing, you will get a life-like image.
  4. Increase your store sales volume by uploading a high-quality edited image.
  5. Quick delivery, most often we deliver within 24hours.
  6. Ability to process bulk photo masking orders, we could provide 2000+ images in a single day.
  7. Be satisfied with work and boost your business.

You can send us images directly. Image volume doesn’t matter to us. Because we equally treat our every client. If you’re new to us, use our free trial system to judge our quality. We are much confident about our services.