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Photoshop Image Masking Service

Photoshop image masking service is another great photo editing service especially useful for advanced image background removal purposes. It is an awesome Photoshop image editing technique. Generally, Photoshop masking is used for isolating foreground objects from its background. Normally, editors apply clipping path techniques for removing background from an image.


But, if photographs contain more detailed objects like the hair of the model, the fur of an animal, or something like this, clipping path techniques doesn’t work well. For changing its background editors use multi-tools from Photoshop and bring out each detail of photographs perfectly from its background.


Another way, Orbit Graphics use pen tablet (Wacom) for changing the background of these types of image. It simplifies the whole editing process. We can easily blend the hard areas and soft areas of the image. Our Photoshop experts have a huge experience in using it. We can blend the areas of image 100% accurately. Surely, you can test us by sending 2 images through our free trial option.

Image masking services

Our Image Masking Service Categories

Layer masking

Layer Masking:

Layer mask is used to hide some portion or reveal some portion of the image changing the opacity of pictures of the specific part. The main advantage of using layer mask is without permanent change of image, you can invisible or partially noticeable dark shades of images. Masks are applied directly on layers

Hair Masking

Hair Masking:

Another great image masking service, use for separating hair & fur from background for soft edge, etc. If you want to make your objects more natural, we will also fix color, brightness, contrast, exposure correction, etc. Clipping path is not effective for soft edge portions like hair, furry animals, etc.

Transparent masking

Transparent Masking:

Transparent image masking service is applied to the objects having 0%-5% opacity. Light can easily pass through it.  For seeing background through objects, or making color visible or transparency, photoshop experts use these masking techniques. For example, glass, E-commerce car glass, glass bottle, water, etc.

alpha Channel masking

Alpha channel Masking:

Different from layer masking. If you need to edit image brightness, contrast, and exposure with background change, alpha channel masking is right for your photographs. Moreover, your image quality will be unchanged. If you seem difficult to do, we are ready to help you.

Refine masking

Refine Masking:

For making edges more soft, perfect and natural photoshop experts combines layer mask and refine radious tools. It makes Human hair, fur, blanket, furry doll, fabrics, animal’s loom, and trees more natural. Orbit Graphics offers cost-effective any kind of image masking service.

Translucent masking

Translucent Masking:

Translucent image masking is applied on 5 to 100 percent opacity image objects. Light can pass through the objects and pictures are ambiguous to identify. For example Sunglasses, frosted glass & paper, plastic bottles, fabrics like muslin, bridal veil, etc.

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