how to create transparent background in photoshop
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How to Create Transparent Background in Photoshop


Do you need a transparent background for your photos?

Creating a transparent background is a very good choice to use photographs in your best preferences. For example, your website logo, it must need a transparency background. It magnifies the opportunity to fix your website background color.

If you need to change your background color, transparent background photos can solve it. You can add any background later in these photos.

For product photography, it intensifies your options making your product more charming. You can set any background demanding on your customers. The amazing display is one of the main weapons to expand your online business. A more powerful product presentation conveys a better ROI for your business.

It is labor-intensive and time consuming to change the background from an image. But, if you have a transparent background file, you can set an appropriate background on these photographs at any time. The task is so easy.

Don’t know, how to do this?

Don’t worry. In this tutorial, we will cover everything about the transparent background. How to achieve this, and which files support for a transparent background and even more.

We will use the world’s most famous photo editing software “Adobe Photoshop” for making this. This is the most suitable software for photo editing.

Tools may utilize to create a transparent background in Photoshop.

Remember, your primary task of creating a transparent background is separating the background from the foreground image. You should focus on which one you want to keep and which one you want to delete from your photographs. In photoshop, some tools can help you to make this perfect.

Again, all tools won’t work fairly for all images. Depending on your image background shade, you should pick the right tool for achieving this. Otherwise, all efforts may ruin.

For example, a solid color background image and the multi-color background image is quite different. Removing hair from an object can be more complicated. So, which tool is perfect for you to depend on your image.

  1. Magic Wand Tools: This tool goes well on a solid color background image. It selects all the pixels in a similar color. For example, your background is white. Then, all you need to do is click on white portions. This tool automatically selects all pixels in this color.
  2. Rectangular Marquee Tool and elliptical Marquee Tool: For perfect rectangular or circular photos, this tool can be used. All you need to do placing it your object correctly. Then, you may follow other steps.
  3. Lasso Tools: Removing complex backgrounds is possible with this tool. It is a free form of selection mechanisms. You can select your object that you want to keep. For any mistake, you can also recover it. For example, you can add any part also able to minus any part. Using shift and alt key from your keyboard.
  4. Pen Tool: The best tool in photoshop for creating a transparent background or adding a new background for your object. We use this tool for any kind of image background removal purpose. With this tool, we create an outline around the object that we want to keep. After that, we delete the background layer.

How to Create Transparent Background in Photoshop with Pen Tool.

  1. Layered file creation

At first, open your image in photoshop. You may use any version of photoshop for this work. Also, you may open any photo format like jpg, jpeg, tiff. For example, I am using a jpg file. Open the image in your photoshop.

Open your photoshop’s layer panel. By default, you will find it on the right side of the software. If any cases, you don’t see this, don’t worry. Click on the windows panel on the top bar. Here, you will find your desired panel. Just click on the layer option. You will see it on the right side of the software.

In the layers panel, you will see your image is locked. You need to unlock this for work. Double-click on the Background layer. A new pop up box is shown in front of you. It asks you, whether you want to rename your layers. By default, the name is layer 0. You may keep it the same. Just click on the OK button.

Now, you’ve unlocked the background layer. By deleting this layer, you will find your desired transparent background image.

  1. Create your selection.

After completing the layered file creation, your next step is selection creation. In photoshop, you may use a few tools for selection. Don’t worry; we will cover each selection tool in this tutorial.


  • Pen Tool: The best tool in photoshop we have used for creating a transparent background or adding new background for your object. We use this tool for any kind of image background removal purpose. With this tool, we create an outline around the object that we want to keep. It is also known as clipping path techniques.
  • On the pen tool in the left side tools panel. You can also find this tool by pressing shortcut key P. After that, start creating an outline of the object.
  • Forget to zoom the product image. It is advisable to zoom up to 300%. It will help to define the edge of the object correctly.
  • The thing also should mind keeping your anchor point 1-2 pixel inside of the object. It permits you to do it correctly. Otherwise, your object background may contain edited work.
  •  The beauty of using the pen tool is full controlling power. You may add any new anchor point or delete any previous anchor point if a mistake occurs.
  • Add an anchor point, position the pointer over a path segment and click. To delete an anchor point, position the pointer over an anchor point and click.
  • Completing the outline, press ctrl+enter on your keyboard. Your object will be selected.


  1. Delete The Background:

Now, your object selection is completed. It is time to delete your object’s background.

If you use the magic wand tool for selection purposes, you must need inverse selection. You can do this by pressing (SHIFT+CTRL+I on windows), (SHIFT+COMMAND+I on a Mac). Also, you can do this manually. Press the select button on the top bar, under the drop-down menu, you will find inverse option. Click on it.

With the background layer selected, Type BACKSPACE (DELETE on mac). Your background will be deleted. Finally, you will find your desired transparent background photos.

If you use pen tool for vector path, Copy the layer after selection pressing (ctrl+j for windows). Your image will be in a completely new layer. Just delete the background layer. Pressing the right button on the background layer, you will find an option delete layer, click on it. Your background layer deleted and the transparent background image is ready.

  1. Save your transparent background image with the proper web-ready format.

It is a crucial part. Creating a transparent background is your first step. Now, you need to save this file with proper image optimization. If you save your file in an unoptimized format, it may increase your page load speed. For, ecommerce business page speed is very important.

Click on the File option in the top bar. In the drop-down menu, you will find an option export>export as. Click on it. A new pop up box will be shown in front of you. Here, you may select your file format and you will be also able to see your image file size.

For the older version, you may not see this. Under the file menu option, you will find save for the web menu. Click on this button. A new pop up box will be shown in front of you. Select your desired image file format.

It should be mind, larger files increase page speed. Try to keep the file size under 200KB. You may save your file PNG-8, PNG-24, GIFF, SVG format. PNG format is the best for transparent background photos.

  1. Save your file.

After checking all of this, click on the Save button for the older version. For the new version of Photoshop, click on export as a button. A pop-up box will ask you, where you want to keep your files. Choose your desired folder and click ok.

It is always advisable to keep separate optimized and un optimized photos. As it will help you to find it later easily.


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